The Fundamental Movement

By Claude d’Anthenaise, curator of the Hunting and Nature, Paris, France

For Marie-Noelle de La Poype, the nature is beautiful by itself and does not need to be enriched by Art. Also, in her work, she proceeds in a singular way. Having always been fascinated by the archaeological approach, she collects fragments of nature, bones of cetaceans, pieces of slate, that she contents itself for the main part, to put them in situation, by bringing to them the least modifications.

So by acting this way, it seems that she manages to find the primary artistic gesture. The one which, well before rock paintings, translates the questioning of the first men, their look oriented toward the amazing split (cleavage) of a stone or on the strange rejections of the sea. The one who leads them to raise, one above the other, the pebbles on the shore : vain challenge of an uncertain vertical opposed to the infinite mystery of waters, quest of durability facing in the inevatable flow of Time. In their extreme bareness, the works of Marie-Noelle de La Poype join the spirituality of cairns. They have the secret of stones which sing and communicate the dizziness of the unfathomless spaces and of immense durations.